Vidya Spoorthi

Vidya Spoorthi is our flagship program to support the educational needs of the needy and under-privileged children in the society.

1. Book Drive: This is an yearly activity focusing on supporting the schooling materials for the children who can’t afford the same on the grounds of poor family background.

2. Guest Teachers: We provide teaching staff to the schools where there are aspiring children to study but no adequate teachers, most of the support is done in the rural schools.

3. Aksharabhyas Learning centre: This is an evening learning centre where children will have the extra cushion of tuition. We have two such centres helping more than 25 students in each activity. Two locations are a) Pulaganahalli b) Harihara

4. Computer Labs: We believe in digital learning for the children in urban schools or rural schools, we have been organising the computer labs with the teachers so that the children have the privilege to learn computers on par with today’s living.

5. Gift a Toilet to a Girl child: This is an unique activity which focuses on providing the basic hygiene infrastructure to the girls by building toilets in the schools where there are no toilets and the children are forced on open defecation. We have successfully completed more than 20 projects till today.

6. Renovation and restoration: Under this activity we support the renovation and restoration of bad shaped schools be it compound wall or the white wash. There are many schools we have helped with this activity.

7. Scholarship: This initiative is currently focused on identifying people who are in need of this kind of support, specifically in Karnataka, the state in which Kritagyata carries out its functions, to help them in pursuing quality education.

It is common knowledge that many children in our country are not able to pursue education because their families do not have the means to pay for their primary, secondary and higher education. The scholarship is designed to help children especially from low income families, and to give them the access to schooling. In a world that is grappling with a pandemic, people who are struggling to meet ends meet need the support of the privileged more than ever.

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