Prerana / Sweccha

Prerana is a women oriented program which focuses on the women

We have two different verticals under this activity one is the livelihood program which is supporting 60+ women who are learning tailoring on Industrial grade tailoring machines making them industry ready to work in any companies or giving them work which can help them in developing the sustainable living which can support them and their families.

A dedicated teacher who formally teaches tailoring with lots of dedication and commitment.

This is setup in Pulaganahalli which is 75 KMS from Bangalore.

Sweccha is an unique programme designed to create awareness about menstrual hygiene, especially for women from low-income group families and young adolescent girls, by educating them about menstruation and female health, and equipping them with knowledge about basic and healthy menstrual hygiene practices.

Several surveys in India report that in our country, around 71% of adolescent girls remain unaware and uneducated about menstruation. Due to this lack of awareness, a huge number of girls drop out of schools because of their lack of awareness about this change that happens in their bodies. Young girls and women in India suffer because despite menstruation being a biological process that happens in their own bodies, it is still considered to be a taboo topic, with stigma and shame attached to it as well.

It is crucial that as we move forward, we start having these conversations openly to destigmatize the shame attached to menstruation, as well as to normalize the conversations around it. People deserve to be educated about what happens in their bodies and what are the ways in which they can take good care of themselves, and avoid health and hygiene related issues caused by lack of access to good and decent products, as well as awareness about them.

Under the Sweccha awareness programme, we work with a few villages around Gauribidanur and Chintamani. As our pilot initiative, we have a dedicated team of volunteers and Asha workers who provide sanitary napkins to women who lack access to them, and create awareness about menstruation, sanitary pads, as well as the proper way to dispose of them so as to not cause harm to the environment. Every adolescent girl and woman receives 10 sanitary napkins a month by us, and they are distributed by an assigned coordinator associated with the village self-help group.

Through the funds we receive, we will be able to reach out to more and more adolescent girls and women who do not have access to basic menstrual hygiene products, and lack awareness about it as well. Every penny is used to claim a woman’s right to access the most basic form of self care she can adopt.

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