To empower, engage & educate
To be a guiding force for children

To help children and women realize their full potential and to provide them with the skills they need to realize it.

About Kritagyata

Kritagyata Trust is an NGO that aims at the upliftment of women and children from various circumstances that limit their access to basic needs, and collaborates with organizations for various educational initiatives. It aims to help individuals fulfil some of these needs and empowers them to learn, dream and live a better life. 

Kritagyata came to life in 2015, when it helped 3 children with their education, and has now bloomed into a organization that has benefited more than 40,000 children and women through various projects and programmes on education, women empowerment, and menstrual awareness, in order to transform the lives these individuals who deserve to live their dreams just as much as anyone else. We are located in Yelahanka, North Bangalore and currently take care of 13 children in our Children Home.


who we are. what we do

our mission

To empower, engage and educate children and women from lower sections of the society, so that they are able to stand up for themselves and find their voice in a society that needs to be built on respect, dignity and equality for every individual, regardless of their gender, caste or class.

what we aspire to be

our vision

To be a guiding force for children and women who find it difficult to fulfill their most basic needs by enabling them to build a better life for themselves, by having a community based approach for their development.

To inspire, motivate and encourage people to come together and take responsibility for making a better society for individuals on the margins, by using their access and privilege to help someone else.

To make these children and women discover their full potential, and equipping them with skills to ensure that they can utilize this potential.

Board Members

Aruna Diwakar

Founder – President

Ashok G


Aditya Diwakar


Latha Raju A


Anjali Ramanna

Woman & Juvenile Rights Advocate

Current Partners

We intend to forge long term partnerships with people and organizations who have an approach that is in sync with our goals and motives, and are able to contribute to our activities in an efficient and a comprehensive manner. It is crucial that our partners share with us a deep understanding of the issues we wish to tackle, as well our inherent motivation to resolve these issues for as many people as we can. It is only through collective effort that we will be able to create a society in which everyone’s access to the necessities of daily life is ensured.

Currently, we have partnered with Lovedale as well as a few other NGOs with whom we share certain visions and missions regarding the well-being of individuals in our society.

From The Founder

There was always in me a passion to serve the needy to the best of my abilities and Kritagyata was born out of that passion. After spending over a decade working with various NGOs and doing several Volunteer Social Projects, I realized that the cracks within the societal wall just grew deeper and deeper as one plunged into it. As I became aware of how much disparity exists in our society and how unequal opportunities govern the lives of so many individuals, I decided to take things one step ahead and started working towards fixing these cracks in whatever little capacities I could. Kritagyata Trust finally saw the light of day and has been the source through which I try to fulfill my dream of giving back to society and making people’s lives better.

Then came a moment when I, after months of introspection and encouragement from various people, finally decided to walk on a path which is not taken by many. Starting Kritagyata was my way of expressing gratitude towards the God who has given me a wonderful and a meaningful life; for my family who always stood by me as I tried to give back to society, in all the capacity I could. So many individuals currently in the lower strata of the society did not choose the circumstances they were born in, and if we are the ones who are blessed with certain privileges, then we should try and redress the imbalance that exists in our society.

The vision and the ideal with which I want to carry Kritagyata forward is to ensure that our quality of work and service is always retained, and our commitment to the cause of helping others always remains intact. We are very grateful for the incredible support we get from individuals and organizations because it is that support that makes our work possible. We hope that this support continues, so that we get to a place where all human beings become able to live life with dignity, respect and comfort. So even though Kritagyata might be in its sprouting stage as of now, it will soon bloom into a big tree that would provide shelter to as many people as possible.

Aruna Diwakar..

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