The pandemic has taken a toll on all of us, but the most affected are children from marginalized communities and lower income groups. It is crucial to build immunity and introduce proper hygiene and nutrition into the lives of these children.

Kritagyata Trust was founded in 2015 to establish a children’s home for destitute, young girls, and provide them with the education and facilities that all children deserve. We currently house 12 girls. This project aims to work with school children from slum settlements and nearby communities. We are providing them with hygiene and immunity kits to safeguard them against the pan


All of the work we do at Kritagyata Trust aims to provide basic necessities to children in need. Due to the pandemic and schools remaining closed, students no longer have access to midday meals. The education department is making a commendable effort to distribute grains to children directly to make sure they remain healthy. However, this is not enough.

We are working in collaboration with schools to identify students who are in need of support, and distributing immunity kits to them when they come to school to receive government issued ration. These kits contain immunity boosters to improve the health of children. We will also educate these children with the help of our volunteers on maintaining hygiene and keeping themselves clean.



Established as an NGO in 2015, we at Kritagyata Trust run a children’s home for 12 young girls in North Bangalore. Over the years, we have also worked with 30 schools on various activities and brought smiles to 20,000 faces!

Through this project, we are reaching out to 10000+ children in Bangalore and the surrounding areas, and doing our bit to protect them against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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All children deserve to live in safe, nurturing homes
where they can feel valued and loved.

Get 50% tax exemption on your donation to Kritagyata under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.