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We at Kritagyata have 13 girls children, were they are been taken care of food, education, shelter health-care counseling and vocational training to help these children develop to their full potential and live a dignified life.

We run on individual donations only

Get 50% tax exemption on your donation to Kritagyata under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Kritagyata Trust is an NGO that aims at the upliftment of women and children from various circumstances that limit their access to basic needs, and collaborates with organizations for various educational initiatives. It aims to help individuals fulfil some of these needs and empowers them to learn, dream and live a better life.

Kritagyata came to life in 2015, when it helped 3 children with their education, and has now bloomed into a organizationthat has benefited more than 40,000 children and women through various projects and programmes on education, women empowerment, and menstrual awareness, in order to transform the lives these individuals who deserve to live their dreams just as much as anyone else. We are located in Yelahanka, North Bangalore and currently take care of 13 children in our Children Home.

My Home Orphanage

MY HOME is a shelter hosting 13 girls who are either orphaned or have a single parent. They are provided holistic support and are taken care of with utmost affection and care.

Our aim is to equip these children with a good education and a support system, so that they can become independent, confident and well prepared to take upon the challenges one encounters in various facets of life. We wish to inculcate in them a positive and a strong attitude towards life, and to build a value system in them so that they become capable of overcoming any hurdles that they face.

Since MY HOME is run by the donations we receive both in cash and kind, every little bit makes a really big difference in the lives of these girls. Your donation could help a young girl live a better life by ensuring her little comforts that would allow her to rewrite the story of her life.

“At the outset, the very thought of being socially associated with society and make ones presence felt in translating ideas and to transform in reality is something which always appears to be an abstract, because talking is something different to action, but I felt exception is in the case of Mrs Aruna who has chosen to tread a different path by choosing a career which brings smile in destitute children and ignored elderly women. “I am glad to vouch for Mrs. Aruna Diwakar and her social venture “Kritagyata”. 

Founder and Chief volunteer
Punya An Inspired Vision to Help.

Vidya Spoorthi

Vidya Spoorthi is our flagship program to support the educational needs of the needy and under-privileged children in the society.

1. Book Drive: This is an yearly activity focusing on supporting the schooling materials for the children who can’t afford the same on the grounds of poor family background.

2. Guest Teachers: We provide teaching staff to the schools where there are aspiring children to study but no adequate teachers, most of the support is done in the rural schools.

3. Aksharabhyas Learning centre: This is an evening learning centre where children will have the extra cushion of tuition. We have two such centres helping more than 25 students in each activity. Two locations are a) Pulaganahalli b) Harihara

4. Computer Labs: We believe in digital learning for the children in urban schools or rural schools, we have been organising the computer labs with the teachers so that the children have the privilege to learn computers on par with today’s living.

5. Gift a Toilet to a Girl child: This is an unique activity which focuses on providing the basic hygiene infrastructure to the girls by building toilets in the schools where there are no toilets and the children are forced on open defecation. We have successfully completed more than 20 projects till today.

6. Renovation and restoration: Under this activity we support the renovation and restoration of bad shaped schools be it compound wall or the white wash. There are many schools we have helped with this activity.

7. Scholarship: This initiative is currently focused on identifying people who are in need of this kind of support, specifically in Karnataka, the state in which Kritagyata carries out its functions, to help them in pursuing quality education.

Description of the sponsorship which can be opted to support per annum or partialy.

Schooling – Rs. 7, 500/- (Includes the school fees and uniform for the children)

Serving our own family is our responsibility, but serving the needy children needs more n greater commitment n heart. Kritagyatha is one such organisation with lots of love n interest in building our country’s future generations.

Wolverhampton near Birmingham


Sweccha is a unique programme designed to create awareness about menstrual hygiene, especially for women from low-income group families and young adolescent girls, by educating them about menstruation and female health, and equipping them with knowledge about basic and healthy menstrual hygiene practices.

Several surveys in India report that in our country, around 71% of adolescent girls remain unaware and uneducated about menstruation. Due to this lack of awareness, a huge number of girls drop out of schools because of their lack of awareness about this change that happens in their bodies. Young girls in and women in India suffer because despite menstruation being a biological process that happens in their own bodies, it is still considered to be a taboo topic, with stigma and shame attached to it as well.

It is crucial that as we move forward, we start having these conversations openly to destigmatize the shame attached to menstruation, as well as to normalize the conversations around it. People deserve to be educated about what happens in their bodies and what are the ways in which they can take good care of themselves, and avoid health and hygiene related issues caused by lack of access to good and decent products, as well as awareness about them.

Under the Sweccha awareness programme, we work with a few villages around Chintamani and Doddaballapur. As our pilot initiative, we have a dedicated team of volunteers and Asha workers who provide sanitary napkins to women who lack access to them, and create awareness about menstruation, sanitary pads, as well as the proper way to dispose them so as to not cause harm to the environment. Every adolescent girl and woman receives 10 sanitary napkins a month by us, and they are distributed by an assigned coordinator associated with the village self-help group.

Through the funds we receive, we will be able to reach out to more and more adolescent girls and women who do not have access to basic menstrual hygiene products, and lack awareness about it as well. Every penny is used to claim a woman’s right to access the most basic form of self care she can adopt.

A proper report will be maintained to make sure that the project does not suffer any sort of misuse or misinterpretation.


Prakruthi by name tells it is nature, This is an activity which focuses on environment, nature and our inclination towards the mother earth.

This program is divided into few verticals:

1. Seed ball making: This is a very unique activity of dirtying our hands brown to see the earth green. We involve volunteers, students, employees of corporates to make the seed balls and then the volunteers drop off these seed balls in barren lands and forest areas which is suffering from deforestation due to the greed of the mankind. We have involved many individuals to make and drop more than 2.5 lakhs seed ball in two years.

2. Sapling plantation: This activity involves the employees and volunteers to plant the saplings in their neighborhood or in schools which has adequate space to accommodate the saplings so that the children are inculcated with the practice of taking care of the plants and knowing the importance of nature and environment. It is 3000+ saplings which have been planted and nurtured till today in various schools and barren lands of urban and rural karnataka.

“Few years back, we a group of parents (which includes professional doctors and holistic healers) were looking to facilitate and advocate the use of ancient lifestyle practices to the needy one. One of the projects was to facilitate Ayurvedic way to building better brain power and help young children build immunity in a natural way called as Swarna Prashana. It was at that time, when we met Aruna, it was inspiring to see a person who appreciate the value of our ancient practices and follow the holistic advises with great dedication and commitment.”

It is indeed a great honor to say few words about her dedication. I seek the nature to support her in this highest form of humanity service.

Founder of Swarna Prashana

The Impact

Established as an NGO in 2015, we at Kritagyata Trust run a children’s home for 12 young girls in North Bangalore. Over the years, we have also worked with 30 schools on various activities and brought smiles to 20,000 faces!

Through this project, we are reaching out to 10000+ children in Bangalore and the surrounding areas, and doing our bit to protect them against the COVID-19 pandemic.

From The Founder

There was always in me a passion to serve the needy to the best of my abilities and Kritagyata was born out of that passion. After spending over a decade working with various NGOs and doing several Volunteer Social Projects, I realized that the cracks within the societal wall just grew deeper and deeper as one plunged into it. As I became aware of how much disparity exists in our society and how unequal opportunities govern the lives of so many individuals, I decided to take things one step ahead and started working towards fixing these cracks in whatever little capacities I could. Kritagyata Trust finally saw the light of day and has been the source through which I try to fulfill my dream of giving back to society and making people’s lives better.

Then came a moment when I, after months of introspection and encouragement from various people, finally decided to walk on a path which is not taken by many. Starting Kritagyata was my way of expressing gratitude towards the God who has given me a wonderful and a meaningful life; for my family who always stood by me as I tried to give back to society, in all the capacity I could. So many individuals currently in the lower strata of the society did not choose the circumstances they were born in, and if we are the ones who are blessed with certain privileges, then we should try and redress the imbalance that exists in our society.

Tax Exemption FAQ

Any Donations to Kritagyata Trust will be eligible for 50% tax exemption under Section 80G of Income Tax Act. By contributing to Kritagyata, you will help many children and also help yourselves with tax deduction benefit.

A minimum of Rs 500 needs to be donated to avail tax exemption under IT sec 80G.

Yes, you can expect your receipts within 15 days after you have made the donation.

NRI (Non-Resident Indian) donors, who are Indian citizens, holding an Indian passport are eligible to tax exemption under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act. Please mention your Indian PAN Card Number in the online donation form to avail the tax benefits.

We can send a duplicate receipt, provided you have to send details on the date, name, amount donated or the transaction ID of the online transfer.

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Gorakhanath Wankhede
Gorakhanath Wankhede
Energetic and enthusiastic girls..Every child is so cute & lovable. All of them go to school..3rd standard to PUC & they are very good at studies.. Amazing to see the feeling of containment in these pure hearts..With whatever limited facilities available at their disposal, they are satisfied and enjoy every single moment of life.. Thanks to Madam Aruna who strives hard to give these deserving children, best in life with available resources. Must visit place to understand life beyond materialistic world...
Hanu Hls
Hanu Hls
It was nice.
Mahipal Singh
Mahipal Singh
Best NGO i ever visited in Bangalore…if ur in Bangalore do visit them once n enjoy ur day 😍😍
Sourabh Bhat
Sourabh Bhat
I visited this orphanage as a part of a team and had fun with kids through activities like origami, diya painting etc. It's very well managed and maintained. The children were confident and was happy to know that the children are doing their schooling in a near by private institution. The orphanage seems to be really bringing the vision of Beti Bachao Beti Padao to a reality. I was told that the kids are single parented and most of the practices at orphanage which were explained by the management are with a vision to have ensure children become valuable individuals of the society. I was told that this orphanage is registered and maintains transparency in all respects. If anyone is willing to donate then they get a receipt which can be showcased for tax exemption. I would certainly recommend to visit this orphanage, if you are looking to visit one.
Avez Iqbal
Avez Iqbal
Nice place. Children are being taken good care. Appreciate your work Kritagyata. Keep up the good work 🙏🤗
It is really nice to see the children happy and well educated A great initiative. Must visit and do our bit for these beautiful souls.
Ashwini M
Ashwini M
It was really a great experience to get associated with kritgyatha trust in the making of seed balls to initiate reforestation culture in students of NCOPS...Thanks for the genuine concern and support..

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If any individual wishes to donate offline, they can do so by scheduling a pickup anywhere in Bangalore. You can donate computers, old books, toys, household goods, groceries for My Home Shelter.

We can also collect donations at your doorstep. Kindly contact us via email – info@kritagyata.org or Call us : (+91) 99012 38222. For further inquiries contact us.

Electronic clearance service (ECS)

Fill a simple form and send it to us along with a cancelled cheque and we will execute your mandate for the given period of time. Click here to download ECS Form.


Posters at centers, painting of the class rooms, study materials, uniforms etc. You can also sponsor education for whole year as well as sponsor one center for whole year.

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Get 50% tax exemption on your donation to Kritagyata under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.